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As suppliers of Used CNC Metal Cutting Machinery throughout the world, we have built up an expertise in many areas associated with the supply of machinery.

Selling Machinery

This is our main activity and we sell over three hundred machines a year. The machines mainly pass through our workshop to be cleaned and serviced before they are supplied. We also sell machinery to the developing world. This machinery is generally older and supplied ‘as is’ to allow the price to be competitive.

Whatever machine you are looking for, please contact us.


Buying Machinery

We buy machinery every day, not just CNC machines but all types of metal cutting machines. We are interested in purchasing complete factories as well as individual machines.

We are happy to purchase machinery from you even if you are not buying a machine from us. Please offer us your machine and we will respond quickly. We purchase your machines with the minimal amount of disruption to your business.

Whatever you have for sale, please contact us.


Valuing Machinery

We are qualified appraisers of machinery and plant and are able to value your assets with years of experience of actually trading in machinery.

Machinery has different values in different situations and different countries. We are able to indicate to you the buying, selling and re-financing price of machines. We take into account the current market, condition, age and whether the machine is remaining in the same position or being shipped elsewhere.

Please contact us to ask for a quote for this service.

Transportation of Machinery

We run a crane lorry and have the specialised equipment and personnel to move machinery. We are pleased to quote for the transportation of all types of machines, not just CNC. We can also quote for internal moves or complete factory moves. In addition we also transport machines overseas so please ask us to quote for this service too.

Please contact us and we will supply you with a quotation.


Containerisation and Export of Machinery

We have long term relationships with many dealers and customers overseas. The service we provide for them is the safe loading and shipping of containers with their machines safely secured. We have the facility and knowledge to ensure the machinery reaches its new home safely.

We can advise on the correct type of container, detail the loading and ensure the container is not held up unnecessarily at ports by providing the correct documentation before it is shipped.

Please contact us and we will gladly give you more details on this service.